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Previo a la Marcha por Nuestras Vidas (March For Our Lives), Gloria Estefan expresó a través de redes sociales su apoyo a Emma González, una de las fundadoras del movimiento Never Again MSD, con el que se busca fortalecer el control de armas de fuego en Estados Unidos, lo que provocó opiniones encontradas entre los seguidores de la cantante.

“A veces es importante responderle a la retórica llena de odio y abogar por el cambio necesario, pese lo difícil que sea la batalla”, publicó la cantante tras ser atacada en redes sociales por “apoyar a una comunista”, como muchos calificaron a Emma por portar una bandera de Cuba durante la marcha. “Es mucho más fácil mantenerse al margen de temas delicados que lanzarse a opinar en un tema controversial que enciende pasiones, aumenta temores y causa división”, señaló Estefan.

“Estos jóvenes que comenzaron el movimiento #neveragain han retado el statu quo a pesar de haber sufrido miedo, dolor y horrores imposibles de imaginar. Sufrieron pérdidas incomprensibles a manos de otro joven desacertado que, estoy segura, sufrió mucha tristeza y dificultad”, publicó la cantante sobre Emma y sus compañeros, quienes sobrevivieron al tiroteo del 14 de febrero en una escuela de Parkland, Florida.

I also stand with Emma! 🤝✌️Our brave young people are trying to make our beautiful country a better and safer place in which to live. I support them 100%! #Repost @hereisgina with @get_repost ・・・ #movementmondays Emma Gonzalez is an 18-year-old American activist and student with Cuban descent. Gonzalez was a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida in February 2018. This led her to become the co-founder of the gun-control advocacy group Never Again MSD. She gained national attention after her “We call B.S” speech at the Rally to Support Firearm Safety Legislation in Fort Lauderdale in response to gun laws, calling for advocacy, and empowering young people to speak out against school shootings. She has continued to speak against gun violence to Florida legislators and a nationally televised town hall, Glamour Magazine call her “the face of the #NeverAgain movement.” In March 2018, Gonzalez and other fellow activists appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. On Saturday March 24, Gonzalez and other students organized and participated in the nationwide March For Our Lives. At the rally, she went on stage, listed the names of the 17 students and staff gunned down, and then went silent for the remainder of her 6 minutes and 20 second speech. It was her way of showing the world how it felt to be crouched in a school room for that length of time while a murderer carried out his shooting spree. Gonzalez wrote in the Harper’s Bazaar, “Adults like us when we have strong test scores, but they hate us when we have strong opinions. I’m constantly torn between being thankful for the endless opportunities to share my voice, and wishing I were a tree so that I’d never have had to deal with this in the first place.” In March 2018, the Florida Legislature passed a bill titled the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act in response to the student activists making their voices finally heard. This isn’t the end but only the beginning! I stand with Emma!

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“Ellos han escogido tomar acción para tratar de evitar que otros pasen por lo mismo (...) Fortalecieron su resolución y enfrentaron los retos de frente solo para encontrar que el asesino que lograron evadir era solamente la primera ola de ataques que recibirían”, aseguró Estefan. Otro argumento con el que criticaron a la cantante, fue el asegurar que González había sido bully del joven que tiró el gatillo del arma de fuego. Quienes sostienen esto prefieren poner el enfoque en salud mental y no en el control de armas.

“Estos jóvenes no piden debilitar ni destruir nuestra segunda enmienda. Simplemente nos están recordando que nuestra constitución ha crecido, como también nosotros, con cada experiencia nueva y difícil”, indicó Gloria, para quien dichos jóvenes son valientes, pero también vulnerables.

“Sería un crimen imperdonable que se sintieran tan intimidados que sufrieran más daño a su espíritu que el que sufrieron al enfrentar un asesino con un arma de guerra”, concluyó la cantante.

I want to thank everyone who offered positive and thoughtful comments in support of my post about #EmmaGonzalez #Emma4Change And though I rarely validate people that spew negative and disrespectful rhetoric preferring instead to show appreciation for people that have loved & supported us through thick and thin, it sometimes becomes very important to respond to hate-filled speech and to advocate for reasonable and crucial change that will better life for the generations to come no matter how difficult that battle may be. It is much easier to stay on the sidelines of touchy subjects than to jump headlong into controversial issues that ignite passions, fears and division. Then again, anything worthwhile is never easy to achieve. These young people that began the #neveragain movement have taken on the status quo after having suffered unimaginable pain, fear and horror at the hands of a misguided young man that, I’m sure, suffered more than his share of sadness and difficulty. But instead of hiding their heads in the sand or running as far away as possible from that terror-filled experience, they chose to try to “change” things. They steeled their resolve and faced the demons head on only to find that the “shooter” they had already survived was only the first wave of attacks they would face in trying to make the world a safer place. In college I took a course in “Literature of the Holocaust” and I cried through every class. It was taught by an Auschwitz survivor with numbers tattooed on her arm. She was 15 at the time of the liberation. She had been repeatedly raped by the Nazi soldiers yet had somehow managed to hold on to her humanity and kindness and, by sharing the most painful of her experiences she changed my life. The main thing that stayed with me from that gut-wrenching class was the knowledge that silence is the biggest danger to righteousness. When something isn’t right we need to acknowledge it and try to change it for the better. So, once again, I applaud the brave young people that are trying to turn their nightmare into an opportunity for our wonderful nation to grow and change... read more here... https://www.facebook.com/gloriaestefan/posts/1015

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